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The relationship with your school continues on long after you graduate. At least it is supposed to. Many institutions lose track of alumni or fail to recognize the benefits of keeping everyone involved. This session will give you to tools to help create a vibrant, world-wide community of alumni that understand the benefits of partnering with your institution and promoting its values.

CFRE Review
Have you thought about taking the CFRE exam? Don't know what to expect? Come to this informal prep session, which includes information about what subjects-modules are covered in the exam and helpful advice to prepare the CFRE candidate to find appropriate resources and study for the exam. This pre-conference event is a must-attend for those who have worked in philanthropy three or fewer years, but any professional interested in knowing more is welcome to participate. The course will highlight strategies that are the basic essentials for any fundraising program. This workshop is the perfect kick-off to gaining the most from the remainder of the conference.

The best leadership strategies are seldom about a top-down approach. More leaders are learning to develop leadership that encompasses themselves, other and their organizations. Learn the important nuances of getting greater board involvement, what your role is in working with high net worth donors, and creating a cohesive team that flourishes.

Major Gifts
The donor who gives substantially to your organization is one of your primary stakeholder and is close enough to care in a big way. This track will help you cultivate major gifts prospects and then make sure you're acknowledging their gifts and commitment appropriately. Bring your toughest major gift problems to the table, hear what other fundraisers are doing, and hear from the very donors that you are trying to reach about what you should and shouldn't't be doing.

We are in a new era, where technology and philanthropy interact with ease...and words like "philanthrocapitalism" are the new hot thing. While some are trying to figure out how to merge the two, leaders in the field are already trying to redefine what it means and reinvent how it happens. Spend some time hearing what works well, and where we're headed...and why you need to be on the front end of what's happening next.

Successful institutions know the foundation for growth starts and ends with good communication. Learn how to reach your constituents and the best mediums to convey your organization's dynamic role in the community, as well as best practices for understanding and working with others in  your organization.

The Case
Is your case statement a snooze-fest? Do you even have one? There is something to be said for a cohesive, well thought-out case that clearly defines goals, objectives and the exciting mission of your organization. Learn how to create cases that empower, motivate and inspire both those working with you and the community you are in.

When we think growth, we think capital--meaning BIG money, enough to build a building or provide income for your programs for many years to come. A capital campaign is the biggest campaign your organization can undertake. Follow this track to help you determine readiness, planning, and the tools necessary to implement this major campaign task.

Understanding Donors
A new generation has arrived, and the faces and names of those who want to partner with your institution is changing. Asking for many is no longer enough, as newer givers demand increased accountability and shared interest. Narrow strategies suited to only one kind of institutional partner are also almost a thing of the past. Visit this track and see how a multi-cultural, donor-center strategy works at its best.

Caring for Donors
It sounds like the most basic of ideas. Care for you donors! But too often organizations forget that there are real human needs and wants behind the gifts that come in each month. This track will provide you with a greater understanding of what your donor-constituents  are longing for but don't always tell you before they leave. It will also provide tools for win-win stewardship communication.

Planned Giving
Organizations with successful philanthropy programs recognize that planned giving is a critical component of meeting charitable and financial goals. Planned gifts are popular because they can provide valuable tax benefits and/or income for life. Is your institution maximizing this ever-growing and long-term partnership tool? Learn how here.

Peer/Mentor Support



Prospect Management

There is greater demand than ever for professional development at all levels of advancement for diverse leadership, but also understanding philanthropic diversity. Community needs and conversations are different, and unless you know what's important to each, your rate of success will be very low.  Come to this track to understand the impact of diverse philanthropy and gain the skills to manage these relationships at all levels.